St. Elizabeth-St. Robert
Regional School


Discounted Software through SESR

Parents may go to and click on K-12 as organization type, then click Missouri as state, then click St. Charles as county, and then click on our school name to purchase Microsoft Office and Windows 7. Microsoft Office Professional Plus can be bought for $79 (online download) or $89 (CD delivered to house). This is compared to $499 retail, and can be retained after the student graduates from SESR at no additional cost.
A Windows 7 upgrade download can be purchased from JourneyEd for $79.95 (download) or $89.95 (CD). This is compared to $199 retail. In order to be eligible for a Windows 7 upgrade, you must currently have a genuine copy of either Windows XP or Windows Vista loaded onto a computer. It is your responsibility to make sure that your computer is compatible with Windows 7, this can be checked by the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor available as a free download from Microsoft. Windows 7 is not required, and is optional, any computer running Windows XP/Vista/Mac will work fine.
SESR is not affiliated with JourneyEd. JourneyEd is a third party. Any questions relating to pricing, availability, or ordering should be directed to JourneyEd.
Software sold through JourneyEd comes with NO free technical support from Microsoft.
To order from JourneyEd, you will have to provide a copy of your child’s report card, which can be obtained through NetClassroom.
If you have questions, please contact technical services. Their contact information can be found under the technology tab of this website.